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Wachan Bajiyoperak

Since early childhood Wachan was introduced by his father in the healing arts. Don Bonifacio (Chunta Chullu) a "Hamautta", a high Inca priest - keeper of the wisdom and knowledge, and he gave Wachan the gift of the Ancient sacred Inca healing arts.




These are "levels" where a medicine man is trained.

   As Pampamisa you have to be able to recognize the healing powers of the plants by the taste and the smell and be able to speak and listen to them.As Chaupimisa you are able to connect, understand and work with the powers of Mother Nature and be guided by our sacred mountains, called Apus or vortex, mountains with a great amount of healing Powers and high energy frequencies.As Hananhamisayoc you have to create magic and perform what they call miracles using the herbs, the ceremonies and the sacred sound. These were part of our daily life, before Christianity and conquistadores came to our Nations .Everything in our universe is Pachakamaqs - Gods manifestation of unconditional love. Our universe is fulfilled with Hatun sonqo (unconditional love). Our Ancestors taught us to live with love and respect to our Pachamama - Mother Earth.Many historians ridiculed our Ancestors by saying that the Indians worshiped the mountains, the rivers, the water falls and animals as Gods. Our ignorance nowadays will not allow us to understand the teachings of the Golden Age people, the Intiq Churinkuna, Children of the Sun - my Ancestors, the Inca people, were people of the light.Just looking at the megalithic monuments they built, you are amazed with so many questions inside you.Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were performing brain surgeries and traveling along the universe - this is something we don’t understand yet.I’ve been so lucky to spend most of my life inside these monuments - Sacsaywaman. I feel like this is my inner temple. I spent most of my life there, just listening to the stones - our Grandpas and Grandmas whispering to me about the wisdom and knowledge of our Ancestors, the sacred valley all the way to Machu Picchu andChoqekirao, deep into the jungle, is the way to the K’apaccnan (path to enlightenment) where the Golden Age people are still alive.

Martha Gomez

I am of the people descended from the Taironas, the Kogis, the Keepers of Harmony for Humanity up in the Sierra Navada of Santa Marta, Colombia. My journey's path began with life in the Andes of Colombia. My spirit memories began with the long pilgrimage into the high mountain communities, gathering our sacred songs, dances, and ceremonies that created my spitiual foundation.

As a cultural ambassador.I have experienced many walks, leading my people and providing for them a bridge between the ancient and the modern world. When I moved closer to the ancient temples and sacred sites in the high mountains of Cusco, Peru. Here I met my husband, Wachan Bajiyoperak, who is a skilled medicine man. With his guidance, I learned the ancient practices of herbal medicine and the art of sound healing. I am a skilled practitioner of both herbal medicine and sound healing. Through the sacred sound, we heal ourselves, our families, and our communities.

As a ceremonial facilitator. I was privileged to create awareness between the men and women of the Andes. For centuries, women were excluded from participating in our Ancient Ways. Now is the time of the shift, the time to reconnect with our feminine side. In this way, we can better learn to heal and love Pachamama (Mother Earth). My work to bring balance to the women and men of the Andes continues today: I lead many men and women in retreats and ceremonies, to help them connect with their feminine side.

In addition to my path as a medicine woman, sacred sound healer, and spiritual guide, I also have extensive training leading tours to sacred sites around the world, including Peru, and Colombia.

I invite you to celebrate with me the blessings and abundance of our Mother Earth.

Shiqwarkenty   Bajiyoperak

Shiqwarkenty Bajiyoperak was born and raised in- laq'o-the temple of the moon"- in Cusco Peru. Shiqwarkenty (pronounced "Siwar Qente" means "Royal Hummingbird in Qechua. She has participated in ceremonies since she was born, and grew up in the sacred temple of Sacsayhuaman, Qneq'o, Puka Pukara and Laq'o. At the age of four she started her musical life and career. At that age she participated in one of the most important events hosted in cusco for the winter solstice- called the Inti Raymi where she was one of the youngest participants in this important event. Ever since she has been participating in this yearly winter solstice event in Peru. In 2008 she began participating in conferences and workshops such as Global new though,women arising conference, Agape international spiritual center, Sedona spirit day. Elevate film festival and New years meditation retreats with Michael Bernard Bekwith where she released her first meditation CD. Shiqwarkenty has touched the hearts of thousands, In the US and Peru . She has been featured in different documentaries such as, metaphysics 2012, return to Dawn, and Time of the Sixth sun. She is caring the seeds of hope of our future generations. In her voice she has

The gift of love to open the hearts and heal the souls and continues to follow the ancient ways through ceremonies and the healing arts. Shiqwarkenty is a working activist keeping the younger generations connected with their ancestors .

Raul Edgar  Apaza

Raul was born and raised in the andeas of Cusco, Peru. Raul has dedicated his life to gathering the ancestral ceremonial dances from all of the regions of Peru. He is also an accomplished archeologist, and through his work he is activating consciousness in our people to preserve our ancients sacred sites all around the world.  Through the work he dose cultivating the ancients dances he is keeping the ancients melodies and rhythms alive sharing with the world his gifts as an accomplished musician and choreographer ,he has travel through Europe and Japan with his Musical gifts  and is now working with his elite of dancers to continue preserving our rich culture .

Manuel  Cule 

Manuel is a native form Lima, Peru. He has lived in Cusco since an early age. Mauel is a gifted Music instructor and  music producer. His passion and love for his culture has taken him to travel throughout the world . He spends most of his time teaching and preparing  adolescents in the musical arts .His extraordinary skills bring him to be a part of this cultural group where all of the participants are highly skilled in the musical art, sharing with the world the power of the sacred sound as cultural ambassador from Peru.

Paul Vadim Pacheco Salas

Paul is Originally form Cusco, Peru.He has been in the musical arts science the early age of 10. After finding his true talents he then went to study at the institute of music where he specialized in wind instruments.  Some years later he was invited to play in the Andean symphony of Cusco. In 2005 he was elected ambassador from Peru for the World festival en Netherlands . He is also a very gifted instrument builder. Paul has recently joined this cultural group Apu Pachatusan to complement this organization with his wide knowledge in the musical arts .